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Featured Project 1 - Turtle House

Our favorite new project is now complete!

In addition to what we think is a great design that supports the way our clients live and has the 'look and feel' that they were after, this home was also designed with some of the very best Green Building systems, materials and finishes to insure that our clients new home is as healthy for the owners as it is for the environment. Some of the main features include a new Geothermal Heating system, all new windows and doors, all new insulation and low VOC finishes throughout.

We'll discuss elements of the design and building systems in more detail as we follow along throughout construction. 

More information on Turtle House

In addition, our clients have been keeping a great blog following the construction process, which we love! Be sure to visit our client's construction blog.


Featured Project 2 - Sharon Reserve

The intent of Sharon Reserve was to build modern, high quality, sustainable homes in a planned Equine Friendly development. Caddis Design was hired to design straw-bale homes that look as good, or better than any residential development in South East Michigan. We worked closely with the property owners (who is also one of our favorite builders) to help them create preliminary designs wich they were really excited about.

Coincidentally, I could hear my college professors in the background saying "really? still working with the straw-bales?". Yes. Absolutely. It's a great idea (and it was our clients intent from the beginning, we didn't even have to suggest it, which was really great).

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Photos from Additional Projects