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After beginning our first two years by working directly for our favorite builders to provide them with top quality in house design service, Caddis Design is expanding our services to work directly for individual clients as well. This is good news! For us, it means getting back to the roots of our formal training in architectural firms, and for our clients it is an opportunity to start working with the design team before deciding on a builder - which, for many projects is a very good approach as it allows us to work as your advocate from the beginning. Steven brings over a decade of experience focusing on carefully designed residences ranging from ground-up heirloom summer homes to small additions and thoughtful renovations. We can provide you with full design services in each stage of design whether you are starting from scratch to build a new home from the ground up, staging a renovation and addition with a long term master plan, or trying to figure out how to find space for a new mudroom within an existing structure and anything in between.